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MATTRACKS INTRODUCES a new model series of the Mattracks Track-Tor Assist, which is designed for most 4-wd and front-assist tractors up to 100 hp. The new model uses track-manufacturing technology that allows incorporation of a high-efficiency rubber track in differing lengths required to match the gear ratios of specific tractor models.

The tracks feature an all-new tread design. The new track design provides great traction and maintains the same low ground pressure of Mattracks' other track systems, which include tracks for use with pickups, commercial trucks, ATVs and trailers.

The manufacturer's suggested retail price for Mattracks Track-Tor Assist is just less than $36,000. Contact Mattracks Inc., Dept. FIN, 202 Cleveland Ave. E., Karlstad, MN 56732-0214, 218/436-7000, visit or, or circle 189.

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