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10 questions to ask your dealer when buying electronic components

  1. Is this equipment equipped with ISOBUS-compliant electronic controls?
  2. Does this machine come with a virtual terminal (VT)?
  3. Is the VT fully complaint with the ISO 11783 standard?
  4. What functions can the VT monitor or control?
  5. Does the VT or device support third-party controllers? If so, what controllers does it support?
  6. Where do I go for service and support?
  7. What is the payback for my farming operation?
  8. Will this equipment enable me to maintain a mixed fleet approach to precision ag solutions?
  9. Does this allow me to add products later for expanded operational efficiency (e.g., implement steering, asset management)?
  10. Has the equipment been tested for ISOBUS compliance at DLG in Europe or Wyle Labs in Cedar Falls, IA?
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