Want to Learn More About Biomass?

How many biomass to fuels projects will be launched next year and beyond and what are the success factors for getting deals done? These questions and many more will be the subject of the Biomass Finance & Investment Summit, Jan. 26-28, at the Westin Colonnade Hotel, Coral Gables, FL. The biomass fuels session will feature speakers from POET, Greenfield Ethanol and Novozymes.

The conference also will feature a panel of developers of biomass to power projects using feedstocks (e.g., poultry litter, hog and cattle manure, wood, rice hulls and sugarcane bagasse). They will discuss financing needs and the type of relationships they are seeking to establish with investors and lenders.

For details about these and other sessions, contact Infocast at 818-888-4444, www.infocastinc.com/biomass09, [email protected]

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