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Harry Smith

Harry Smith

Health Specialist, AcuQuit

AcuQuit Helps : Additional Tips To Stop Smoking AcuQuit Laser Acupuncture

Tried to quit smoking for many times but not successful? Get to know AcuQuit. AcuQuit is an Australia based healthcare clinic that provides help to people who wishes to stop smoking. They have a new innovation of laser technology used to locate vital points in the body which, then, restore the energy flow. This is commonly known as Laser Acupuncture or Quit smoking acupuncture . This brings beneficial effects to the clients such as a reduce smoke cravings, irritability, stress and anxiety, release endorphins, regulate hormone levels and most importantly promote general health and well being.

Don't go cold turkey. Cold turkey means a faster but unpleasant method of stopping an addictive habit, such as drugs or alcohol. Other meaning - that a person just totally, completely stop, and never do it again (or at least try to). In smoking. Of course, one may think of suddenly stopping the habit but not progressively. It is just normal for a person to relapse. For instance, few were successful for quitting smoking just for a short period of time. However, most people need help to conquer the addiction progressively and successfully. Easy to declare that one has quit. The question. Really? Only one knows. The fact is – quitting smoking needs constant courage, determination and will to do so. Because of nicotine that has penetrated in the brain, an individual may experience cravings for smoke and the habit. That is why AcuQuit can be the help looking for. They offer a laser treatments that will best meet the therapy needing to stop the cravings. A person can also seek more advice or tips what to do when a tendency to relapse happens. Thus, it is best to have a therapy from professionals to help an individual brings back the healthy life once has lost.

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•How to quit smoking: Manage cigarette cravings

Avoiding smoking triggers will help reduce the urge to smoke, but you can't avoid cravings entirely. But cigarette cravings don't last long, so if you're tempted to light up, remember that the craving will pass and try to wait it out. It also helps to be prepared in advance. Having a plan to cope with cravings will help keep you from giving in.