Dickey-john mini GAC® 2500 - handheld grain moisture analyzer

The first and only handheld grain moisture tester mini GAC® 2500 equipped with 149 MHz/UGMA technology to accurately match elevator results in the field.

mini GAC 2500 Grain Moisture Analyzer from dickey-john on Vimeo.

The GIPSA/FGIS division of the USDA mandated that all moisture meters used in official inspections be based on the new 149-MHz/UGMA technology. The mini GAC® 2500 is designed with the same technology and to deliver results straight to your bottom line: 

  • Eliminate dockage fees and shrink charges
  • Eliminate multiple trips to the elevator to calibrate your combine moisture sensor
  • Control your drying process and optimize propane usage
  • Select the optimum field to harvest and minimize moisture loss in the field.
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