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In-season tools for analyzing crop progress

Once planting is done, corn and soybean growers can start to monitor key growing season benchmarks.  Online and mobile tools from DuPont Pioneer can help turn raw data throughout the growing season into decision-making information. Here you'll find a roundup of what's offered by DuPont:

  • If spring presents adverse weather, growers who purchased crop insurance can use online calculators to make decisions on prevented planting insurance claims, replant options, hail damage estimates and other potential losses with the PHI Insurance Calculators.
  • The Growing Degree Unit (GDU) estimator on can help with calculating corn crop progress.  Users can enter their zip code and planting date to get field-by-field crop progress and a 14-day forecast. â€¨ 
  • A similar tool tracks rainfall amounts. The Precipitation Estimator reports daily, weekly, monthly and annual totals. â€¨ 
  • Growers can also tap into a cost of production calculator on or click on available links to choose calculators from 16 state universities.  The calculator evaluates the costs and returns of corn and soybean cropping systems. To run the calculator, you can either use predetermined variable costs based on figures calculated by Iowa State Extension, or your own variable costs or figures calculated by your nearest college of agriculture. To get started, growers input their expected market prices, planted acres and expected yield.