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RoboFlight acquires Aerial Precision Ag

Aerial Precision Ag (APA), a manufacturer of Unmanned Aerial Systems for use in agriculture, has announced that it has been acquired by RoboFlight Systems Inc. RoboFlight is a geo-referenced aerial data company that processes, analyzes, and manages multi-spectral aerial imagery data. The company collects data from remote sensing UAS as well as their manned aircraft, satellites, and any other aerial data collection platforms in order to provide their customers with actionable information in industries including agriculture, livestock, environmental, utility and insurance. Data includes true color imagery, Near Infrared, Thermal, and LIDAR. APA will be the company’s division that is focused on the agriculture and livestock industries.

We interviewed APA for our UAS feature in August of 2013.

APA will maintain their Tempe, Ariz. offices for R&D, holding flight training academy classes, and manufacturing. The company has plans to move from its existing 1500 square foot facility to an 8000 square foot facility to accommodate significant growth. This facility will continue to produce multirotor and fixed wing platforms.

APA’s acquisition coincides with RoboFlight’s additional acquisition of AgPixel, the world’s foremost leading software for precisely interpreting aerial imagery. Drew Janes, President of Aerial Precision Ag, explains “We were really the first company in the United States to show up to a farm show and provide producers a trusted channel for bringing affordable UAS’s to their operations. Soon after, we recognized that producers were starting to ask us for more scientific data and imagery that they could turn into quantifiable actions in order to unlock the technological capabilities of their existing implement machines including variable rate planting and spraying. We had a great working relationship with AgPixel and were directing many of our UAV customers to use the software.  In late 2013, we began speaking with RoboFlight after an introduction through AgPixel.”

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