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Risk-free trial of Climate Pro tech from Climate Corp

The Climate Corporation has announced that growers now have an opportunity for a trial offer of the advanced Climate Pro technologies. This is in addition to its free Climate Basic services.

Growers will be able to try out Climate Pro through Oct. 25, then they will be able to cancel their subscription if they are unsatisfied. Should they cancel Climate Pro, they will still be able to use Climate Basic for the growing season.

The company says that these tools can increase farmers’ profitability by over $100 an acre for corn with full implementation and integration of the Climate Pro technology.

Climate Pro helps to maximize yield and provide value by:

  • Selecting the optimal planting date and relative maturity of fields
  • Identifying subfield variability to identify areas for further investigation and variable rate application
  • Anticipating, tracking and addressing nitrogen issues before they reduce yield
  • Staying on top of pest and disease issues, and planning preventive and curative management
  • Optimizing harvest date, yield, cost and grain moisture

And tracking projected yield and revenue to inform capital expenditures, marketing and operational decision making

Details on this offer can be found at

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