PureGradeT starter fertilizer introduced by Nutra Flo

Nutra Flo, which specializes in low salt, high orthophosphate starter fertilizers in North America, has introduced a new starter fertilizer called PureGradeT.

The new fertilizer gives growers the benefits of PureGrade’s starter fertilizers, but it has Torque from Novozymes mixed in. Some of the benefits that can be seen from using PureGradeT include early seedling development, enhanced root and shoot development, and overall improved plant health to handle environmental pressures.

PureGradeT contains the LCO Promoter Technology present in Torque from Novozymes. LCO (Lipo-chitooligosaccharides) are low dose natural signal molecules. LCO Promoter Technology enables your crop to achieve its full yield potential by enhancing nutritional capabilities that drive natural growth processes, maximizing plant health and crop performance. This molecule has been in used in both corn and soybeans for almost a decade in products like Optimize.

PureGradeT is available immediately for the 2014 growing season at agriculture retail locations wherever Nutra-Flo products are sold.

For more information, visit bioag.novozymes.com or nutra-flo.com.

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