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Straw chopper upgrade

In an attempt to improve standability, soybean breeders have developed a number of new, tougher-stemmed varieties, with stems that stay green into harvest. But tough stems cause a new challenge when the combine's factory-installed chopper knives tilt back instead of cutting. Leaving longer stems behind means you’ll have to disk the following spring or risk plugged planters, cultivators or tillage tools.

Clever Tech claims it has a solution. The company’s heavy-duty serrated knives are designed 50% heavier to cut green soybean stems. The added weight, plus four sharp rake teeth, do the job on soybean or wheat straw.

Price per knife is $8.78. Number of knives needed for most John Deere combines varies between 30 and 36. For more information, contact Clever Tech Inc., Dept. FIN, 4121 S. Canfield Rd., Jesup, IA 50648, 319/827-1311.