Top images of the week from Farm Industry News

Top images of the week from Farm Industry News


Editor Karen McMahon recently returned from a trip to Puerto Rico, where the seed and research industries are thriving. We chose our top four images for this week from the six total pieces we have published in a series called “Week in Puerto Rico.” See the rest of the series here:

Piece 1: Video: Soybean, seed nursery business thrives in Puerto Rico [2]

Piece 2: Video: New corn genetics line launched with non-GMO stress insect tolerance [3]

Piece 3: Photo gallery: Major rice company uses Puerto Rico for seed research, nursery [4]

Piece 4: Video: Spectrum Seed Solutions uses DuraYield genetics for non-GMO markets [5]

Piece 5: Gallery: Bayer CropScience expands see research, nursery in Puerto Rico [6]

Piece 6: Story: Move over Hawaii – Puerto Rico takes over U.S. winter seed work [7]