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Planter manager

A planter operator now has more real-time planting information with Precision PlantingĀ¹s new 20/20 SeedSense system. SeedSense lets the operator see on-the-go population, singulation, skips and multiples. It gives speed by row, down pressure and ground contact. As a result, a grower can see a problem as it happens and fix it in the field.

The new SeedSense is made up of a display, processor, row-unit module and downforce sensor. The system works with existing seed sensors and connections, so it installs quickly.

The base unit sells for $5,400 and includes three row-unit modules and downforce sensors with harness and mounts. Contact Precision Planting, Dept. FIN, 23207 Townline Rd., Tremont, IL 61568, 309/925-5050, [3].