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Power winch

The VersaWinch from Polaris is a winch with an attached, portable power source. “The VersaWinch replaces integrated and portable winches that are limited because they require a separate power source such as a vehicle battery to operate,” says Cassey Murphy, marketing manager for Pure Polaris. “We’re the first to package a winch with its own power source.”

The winch can be attached to any fixed object and can lift up to 1,500 lbs. It has a hand control and mechanical dynamic brake. The winch’s attached power source also can be used to charge a cell phone or jump-start a vehicle.

Suggested retail price of the VersaWinch is $349.99. Contact Polaris Industries Inc., Dept. FIN, 2100 Hwy. 55, Medina, MN 55340, 800/765-2747,