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Food plot seeder

The new Brillion FPS-6 agricultural seeder.

Brillion [5] adds a food plot seeder, the FPS-6, to its agricultural seeder lineup. The blades of the adjustable disc harrow on the front of the machine are adjustable for angle of cut depending on the amount of tillage needed. Two rows of mini S-tine cultivator teeth are spaced at 15 in. on each bar for a nominal spacing of 7.5 in. The S-tines are adjustable for depth of operation and lateral position in relation to the disc blades. The rear roller busts clods and ensures good soil-to-seed contact for improved germination.

Price is $7,500 for a one-seeder-box model. Contact Brillion Farm Equipment [5], Dept. FIN, Box 127, Brillion, WI 54110, 800/409-9749.