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EPA approves label updates for Laudis herbicide

Just in time for the 2009 growing season, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency [4] (EPA) has approved several label updates for Laudis herbicide [5]. Updates include the following:

· If necessary, a second application of Laudis can be made on field corn, white corn or popcorn seven days from the initial application, down from the previous 14-day requirement.
· High surfactant oil concentrates [6] (HSOCs) can be used with Laudis as alternatives to methylated seed oil (MSO) surfactants. The label update also includes guidelines for using HSOCs with glyphosate herbicides.
· In most situations, growers can now rotate to sugar beets and certain dry beans 10 months after Laudis application, down from the previous 18-month requirement.

Laudis, introduced by Bayer CropScience [7] in 2008, is used to control grass and broadleaf weeds such as ragweeds, lambsquarters, velvetleaf, waterhemp and woolly cupgrass in all cornfields.