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UV handles big loads

If you're looking for a beefed-up utility vehicle, check out Cub Cadet's new Big Country. The UV is powered with a 20-hp Honda V-twin engine to handle the 1,400-lb. capacity of its attached 13.3-cu.-ft. bed. The vehicle features 4-wd and a new, six-wheel, fully independent suspension system to provide top traction and comfort on rough terrain. It has a 5.7-gal. fuel tank. Price: $8,599.

Cub Cadet also improves its series 7000 utility tractors that range from 25 to 36 hp.

The 7252 model with 25 hp comes equipped with 2-wd hydrostatic transmission with single pedal control and two speed ranges. The 7254 and 7264 offer SensiTrack on-demand 4-wd that applies direct 4-wd when you need it. Prices of these models range from $9,999 to $13,199.

At the high end of the line, the 7360 model features a 36-hp, 4-cyl. diesel engine with eight-speed, fully synchronized shuttle shift and 4-wd. Retail price: $18,904. A 30-hp engine model, the 7305, has a 4-wd, 3-cyl. diesel engine and hydrostatic drive for a price of $17,659.

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