The trade show floor from Agritechnica 2011 was packed We39ll be back in a month for the 2013 event and we plan to share plenty

The trade show floor from Agritechnica 2011 was packed. We'll be back in a month for the 2013 event, and we plan to share plenty.

Missing a show, but not for long

This week I was supposed to be in Moultrie, Georgia at the Sunbelt Ag Expo. I joke that when I go I'm the "token Yankee" at this very Southern event, but the show has a lot to offer. And this year I had to miss it thanks to the need to break in a new stent (I love technology!)

But it got me thinking about farm shows and how we engage them. For me there's a rhythm for every farm show I attend. When I go to Farm Progress Show I have specific tasks each day and social, or team, events each night. At Husker Harvest Days there are things on the agenda as well including visits with key players in the industry and of course a deep dive into irrigation.

For Sunbelt it's my quality time with the cotton and peanut industries.

Cotton is a fascinating crop - a perennial raised as an annual - that helps clothe use. And the equipment used to grow and harvest cotton is changing all the time.

For peanuts, the same is true. A unique legume that grows below ground and has to be lifted out of the ground for harvest.

And Sunbelt Ag Expo has its key features too. The Southeast Farmer of the Year Dinner (Penton/Farm Progress is a sponsor); a round-table I usually conduct with past and current Farmer of the Year honorees (I missed my farmers this week). And of course the crowning Farmer of the Year luncheon where the overall winner is named is a highlight too.

So I missed my southern show this year (I shall return!) but I'm adding a new show experience in less than a month. I'm heading to Germany for Agritechnica for the first time. It's that every-two-year event that brings a lot of unique agricultural technology together. We'll be offering coverage online every day of the Show week, and I'll be doing a wrap up in our January issue to share the experience.

I'll be curious what "traditions" I can come up with for this event. I'll share a few in my blog as the show begins. You'll want to check us every day of the week of Nov. 11 to see what galleries and videos we post. It'll be a grand time and we want to share it with you.

If you have specific things you want to know about - you're welcome to comment below and I'll dig up what I can. Now, I have to figure out what to pack.