Coming soon: High-voltage tractors


Electric farm tractors are closer than we think. This week the Agriculture Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF) issued a news release stating it has established the “New High Voltage Project Group” aimed at standardizing a tractor interface that would provide electric power to farm implements.  

Major equipment manufacturers like AGCO, John Deere, and New Holland have talked about this concept for years as a way to reduce fuel costs, pollution and our dependence on fossil fuels. http://farmindustrynews.com/electric-tractors [4]. They have gone as far as showcasing prototypes of tractors and self-propelled sprayers that are partially driven by electric motors—see  http://bit.ly/mLpKv9 [5], http://bit.ly/mgOSvf [6], and http://bit.ly/mgOSvf [6]. With the news of a standard being developed on the topic, we can only assume the farm machinery industry is headed toward an age of electric power.

Project leader Harald Dietel of Sensor-Technik Wiedemann GmbH was quoted as saying:

“Using the control abilities of the electric motors opens the world of decentralized motors to overcome the limitations of mechanical and hydraulic solutions matching the requirements of a new generation of implements with substantial advantages.”

Stay tuned for more information on this developing topic at www.farmindustrynews.com [7].