Precision irrigation technology from Valmont

Omaha, Neb. – Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) from Valmont Industries is true precision irrigation technology. It is an easy way to apply water where you want it. It allows for automatic, user defined application depth of water and crop inputs by sector or management zone as defined by the grower. Zone Control allows growers to manage up to 30 zones along the length of the center pivot in increments as small as two degrees around the field for over 5,000 management areas. The user can base irrigation prescriptions on yield maps, soil maps, Veris® maps or other user defined field conditions. Speed Control allows for unique water application in up to 180 sectors around the field. Valmont has an exclusive partnership with CropMetrics to utilize yield, soil, and Veris maps to create geo referenced irrigation prescriptions. VRI is compatible with non-Valley machines and Valley machines with mechanical panels using Tracker LT.

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