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New windrower model from Hiniker

Hiniker has recently introduced a 20-ft model 5620 HL windrow, which features a fully hydraulic end transport system that can be controlled from the tractor seat. The transition from field operation to road-ready transport width of under 12 ft. takes less than one minute.

Hiniker’s lineup of flail windrowers now includes four models: the 15-ft. model 5610L, the 20-ft. model 5620HLI, the 30-ft. model 5630HL and the new 20-ft. model 5620HH with hydraulic end transport. And all models feature a 17-in. diameter cross auger system to allow for moving more product. The 235-hp rated gearboxes are used, and 1,000 rpm constant PTO shafts with overrunning clutches make for a smooth transmission of power. Every unit has high vacuum 3-in. cupped knives, with standard hardfacing on the 20 and 30-ft. models.

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