New G2, 2 x 2 Liquid Fertilizer Disc from Schaffert Mfg.

Indianola, Neb. - Schaffert Mfg.  & Sales, the leader in Seed and Fertilizer Application Systems, is excited to introduce our new, Generation 2, 2 x 2 Fertilizer Disc. Its unique one-piece design will keep the down pressure even on both press wheels as they move in unison. The arm of the G2 is mounted on a pivot point that is greaseable and attaches to the tail section with 4 bolts.

The G2 has similar features of our original 2 x 2 system, but with improved depth management. The disc mounting arm provides 1/2” to 2” depth placement. There are 3 adjustment holes, which allows movement up or down of the disc. Also, tires can be spaced in and out with shims, depending on depth of planting. The 2.5 mm, 8” disc allows for improved depth, and with a larger beveled edge, which dramatically improves cutting even in the toughest soils. The thick blade slices into the soil, letting the fertilizer penetrate to the bottom.

We switched to a wider spindle bolt and added a grease zerk to allow for internal lubricating. These improvements allow continual movement and increased stability. The New G2 still utilizes the same triple sealed bearing, designed for harsh conditions.

The new G2 liquid disc will accommodate most spiked closing wheels. You can also remove the disc when fertilizer is not needed.

It will work on most John Deere, Kinze (aftermarket), White, and 2-hole adjustment tail sections.

“The new G2 addresses a few of the limitations of the successful counterpart G1 version. "With a central mounting of the walking beam arm, equal distribution of down pressure is maintained with the closing wheels never sacrificing the closing of the furrow. This allows for a consistent creation of a ‘2.5 mm slit’ with the 8" blade for the fertilizer to penetrate below the soil,” saysRamiro Trevino, VP of Product Development at Schaffert Mfg.

For more information, contact Schaffert Mfg., 105 D. Street, Indianola, NE 69034, 800/382.2607,