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New biofungicide for corn, soybeans, more

Regalia Rx is registered for use on corn, soybeans and other crops. Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

(MBI) announced it is introducing a new biofungicide for use in row crops called Regalia Rx. The product is said to improve plant health and increase yield. The product is registered for use in corn, soybeans, wheat, rice, and other row crops. 

Field trials were conducted from 2011-2013, and a test market was conducted in 2013 on corn and soybeans. In the trials, one pint of Regalia Rx was added to an exisiting fungicide program, and the tests yielded plants with more extensive root systems; larger ears of corn and bigger and greener soybean plants. Yield was increased overall by about six bushels/acre in corn and two bushels/acre in soybeans.

The active ingredient in Regalia Rx is derived from plant extract, and it triggers plants’ defense systems against disease. The mode of action is called Induced Systemic Resistance, which inhibits pathogen growth and strengthens cell walls. The product is compatible with several synthetic fungicides, such as Headline, Headline AMP, Stratego, Priaxor, Quilt Xcel, Quadris and others.

Regalia Rx is recommended as a foliar application.

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