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New app for Enlist weed control system

Dow AgroSciences launched its new Enlist Ahead apps that will allow for herbicide application management. It’s designed for using with Dow’s Enlist system, and for making responsible application of Enlist Duo herbicide with Colex-D. Regulatory approvals are still pending for Enlist but are expected soon.

The app has two key features:

Application manager

This function brings together localized weather data (through the closest NOAA station) in real-time to map crop fields and trait technologies. Users can keep records of application rates, boom heigh and nozzle selection.

And after all the herbicide application details are entered into the app, it lets the applicator know if conditions meet label requirements.

Mode of action calculator

The app’s MOA calculator allows growers to select the herbicides they will use on their Enlist crop, and depending on the number of modes of action in the products selected, the app will indicate whether the weed control program is good, moderate or poor for resistance management.

The app will be available for iOS and Android devices once Enlist is commercialized. Dow expects to launch Enlist corn and soybeans in 2015, followed by Enlist E3 soybeans and Enlist cotton in 2016.

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