Michelin Cerexbib

Greenville, S.C. - MICHELIN®, the leader in Agriculture tire innovation, is proud to introduce the Michelin Cerexbib®. Michelin Cerexbib® is the latest addition to the Michelin Ultraflex Technologies family of products. The Michelin Cerexbib® combines the best attributes of the Michelin Axiobib® (IF technology) and Michelin Spraybib® (VF technology) for harvesting applications. The Michelin Cerexbib® tire has two special designations, IF CFO (Increased Flexion and Cyclic Field Operation) for the front tire and VF for the rear tire. The IF CFO technology enables the Michelin Cerexbib® to carry the same load as standard tires without the required 25% increase in air pressure. This reduction in pressure lengthens the footprint, improves traction and reduces soil compaction. The VF designation for the rear tire allows for a reduction in air pressure of 40% compared to standard technology tires, improving handling, traction and ride comfort.

You have always chosen the best equipment for your farming operation. Now is the time to choose the best tires. Michelin Ultraflex™ Technologies, because any tire will work in perfect conditions.

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