Herbicide from FMC receives registration from EPA

FMC announced that its Anthem SE herbicide has received registration from the EPA for use on soybeans. Anthem provides both corn and soybean growers control of weeds and grasses with application timing up to 45 days preplant, preemergence and early postemergence.

Anthem was introduced in fall of 2012 for use on corn. Applied in-season, growers can easily combine the concentrated liquid formulation of Anthem with tank mixes of companion herbicides with effective rates as low as 4 to 11 ounces per acre.

With preemergence and postemergence application flexibility, Anthem provides growers with a residual herbicide that also has postemergence activity on several broadleaf weeds including pigweed species, like waterhemp and Palmer amaranth, before or after soybean emergence. Anthem also is an excellent tool as part of an OverlapSM system when used postemergence in conjunction with Authority herbicides preemergence as part of a sequential program for outstanding, season-long residual on key grasses and broadleaf weeds that challenge growers’ ability to maximize yield potential.

For more information, visit fmccrop.com.

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