This new soybean variety released in 2015 uses DuPont Pioneer39s latest AYT 40 breeding technology and has demonstrated toplevel yield performance for the company
This flowering milkweed plant is not wild it was planted at the BASF Seymour Ill field research facility and Troy Klingaman chief biologist was surprised to find it
Fungicide application requires managing a few key issues we offer four tips
thermal image crop scouting
It39s an ugly image with resistant weeds blotting out an otherwise healthy soybean crop they39re in there Dr Stephen Powles an Australian expert on the topic says it39s possible to beat weed resistance on your farm
The process for approving genetically enhanced crops involves key US regulatory agencies depending on the technology
We talk about cloudbased computing a lot and while farmers may benefit the real advancement may be in plant breeding with more key information available to an increasing group of plant breeders
BioConsortia CEO Marcus MeadowsSmith provides an overview of the agricultural biologics market and what he sees as the next wave Check out this gallery to get a rundown on the development of new technology for improving crop yields
With CRISPRCas it39s possible to do precision gene insertions or deletions in a crop genome that boost productivity or enhance other traits This isn39t a GMO because the work done involves traits from the same species  corn gene into a corn plant for example
The GMO debate is stirring up plenty of talk with little room for either side to move Image JackyLeungThinkstock