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Climate Corp integrates Climate Basic and Climate Pro services

The Climate Corporation has announced that it will integrate two of its major tools: Climate Basic and Climate Pro. With the support of Precision Planting’s hardware and software products, the integrated services will help growers optimize production.

Promotional offers will also be available to farmers starting Feb. 3 through Precision Planting dealers and Climate Pro partners.

Farmers now have a unified offering to help increase their profits and make more informed production decisions. They will be able to:

  • Make minute-by-minute and daily decisions based on real-time, accurate weather, soil, crop and equipment performance that’s at their fingertips.
  • Respond quickly to changing weather and field conditions.
  • Anticipate yield-reducing agronomic issues.
  • Integrate data and access it across multiple devices, equipment and operation.
  • Automatically integrate equipment, soil, weather, crop, agronomic practices, field boundaries, as-planted dates, as-harvested dates as well as report summaries for FSA or crop insurance reporting.

This new offering from The Climate Corporation will make it easier for farmers to start combining Precision Planting hardware and software along with Climate Basic and Climate Pro by reducing the upfront cost of cab equipment by as much as 90%. Farmers will have a limited time option to purchase a subscription that starts at just $499/year.

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