Smart cash and credit management will pay in 2014

Smart cash and credit management will pay in 2014

The 2014 Buyer’s Forecast from Farm Industry News offers insight into the projected prices for seed, crop protection, machinery, fertilizer, land and financing this week. Here we look at financing for 2014. Read the 2014 machinery forecast Read the 2014 crop protection forecast Read the 2014 fertilizer forecast Read the 2014 farmland outlook Read the 2014 seed outlook

The financial picture for agriculture in 2014 doesn’t look like it will face big changes — barring another drought or some other unforeseen issue. Yet there are signs ahead that call for specific tactics for smart cash management in the new year.

Everyone looking at the financial markets starts with interest rates. Those numbers haven’t changed a great deal. “There was a bit of a bump over the summer in some markets,” says Nathan Kauffman, Omaha Bra

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