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AgYield releases its new interface for 
grain marketing, risk management

Ag software company AgYield has announced it’s offering users a brand new interface at

The decision-making tool for growers helps them build their risk management and grain marketing strategy.  The program looks at cash sales, unsold bushels (marked to their local market, daily), crop insurance, hedging (futures/options, updated daily), costs of production and more.  

AgYield looks at these strategic elements of a risk management strategy and shows how each interacts to impact a farm’s bottom line.  

The upgraded program provides the grower with better functionality, the ability to analyze their operation in several ways, and better graphics that quickly convey information on their operation.

While AgYield enables growers track their operation, “the true value of AgYield”, says founder and president Justin Kelly, “is the ability to run ‘What if’ (hypothetical) scenarios to identify the best avenue forward.  From when to sell grain, what crop insurance policy/coverage to secure, to hedging efforts.”

As the CEO of their operation, growers want to take back control of their risk management.  Gone of the days of putting their trust (and money) in the hands of their vendors.  AgYield helps the grower understand recommendations and immediately see the impact on their bottom line, enabling the grower to make the final decision with confidence.

For example, should a grower upgrade from an RP70% policy, to an RP80% policy?  Should he/she buy puts?  AgYield shows the grower the outcome before investing any capital into their strategy.  

Growers can sign up for a free account at and will have the full benefit of AgYield. Growers may also secure AgYield consulting services for $150/month.

Read the full press release from AgYield (PDF).

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