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3 key areas to check for better tire performance

Maintaining farm tires will be important in ensuring the best equipment and crop performance in the field this year. James Crouch, Michelin, offers up some advice for keeping those tires at the optimal pressure with sufficient tread.

1. Over-inflation: Crouch says over-inflated toils tend to cause soil compaction that will harm root development and also create an uncomfortable ride from bounding. It will also increase tire slippage.

2. Under-inflation: Under-inflation will cause damage to tire casings and in some cases, tire failure. Tires will wear too much during road travel, as well.

3. Tire tread: Tire tread needs to be checked at the beginning of the growing season. Farmers need to make sure the tread will last the whole season, or else worn tires should be replaced now. Driving on worn tread can reduce traction and fuel efficiency, along with increased tire slippage.

Farmers should contact their local tire dealer with any questions about the right tire pressure for their equipment or other performance issues.


Source: Michelin